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The heat coming from chimney, which is like the breath of God

Daduna Nadaraia’s name also adorns the number of modern writers. The book “The heat coming from chimney” created by her is already on sale and decorates the bookshelf. Daduna is a journalist by profession. She has had a love of writing since childhood.

Daduna posts stories on her Facebook page and is especially loved by readers. She is also an online reporter. I would like to point out that Daduna has a special style of writing. Her writings seem to be read with one breath. She conveys her message in such a way that you become a companion to this or that story and it is impossible to read any of her stories without emotion. She currently lives in Tbilisi, is married and is the mother of two children. Here is an interview with the writer:

Who was the first evaluator of your stories and at what age did you start writing?

I could probably always write. My world, which seemed interesting to me, I wanted to convey through words. At first I shared my thoughts with my mother and she conveyed my feelings on paper. Then, when I learned to read and write and wrote the first sketch, my teacher of Georgian language introduced my writing to other teachers, I remember thinking – it started! My imagination about the human spiritual world, my feelings and thoughts would become clear to everyone. I, too, wanted to find a reader who would be interested, get to know my world, and cuddle my soul. So my first reader was my favorite teacher, Rusudan Khobua, who, in her attitude towards me, turned me into a woman who can still walk down the street and cuddle lush peach blossoms. I know it’s very romantic, but such an attitude towards the world is very interesting to me.

As it is known that you are married and you are the mother of two children, is it difficult to be a mother and at the same time be called a writer?

I guess it’s not hard to be a mother of two and periodically do the work you love. I always wanted to be a writer, because when I start writing, I become a good and interesting person. Taking care of the little ones and raising them has never stopped me from doing my favorite thing. At any time I can look into my own heart and write, sometimes I remember the feelings and later I transfer my thoughts on the paper. Maybe when I take a walk with the children or straighten the blanket before going to bed, I fill with such emotions that later on, the record written with these feelings will make a very beautiful impression on my work.

What do you think about modern writing and what would you recommend to beginner writers?

I have always considered that more important than a good book, only our thoughts can be, so any person who tries to share their feelings with others is a really strong person. The opinion of each person is very important. Modern writing, I think, accurately describes the events and the stage of human spiritual development that we are in now. I think it’s a difficult process. We don’t yet know what a modern man might be like as part of technology, but he still can’t forget the memories, the emotions, and the warmth that always accompanies only real relationships.

I have information that you love traveling so much, what can you tell us about it?

I always believed that I would become a real traveler. I could feel it even when we had no money for bread, Dad would put pines in the wood-burning stove, and the smoke from the chimney would look like a trail left by an airplane. I always wanted to travel just because to look into the windows of strangers from the plane’s porthole, and see what they were thinking when they sat by the fire stove and were contemplating. I have already visited many countries, but I have a feeling that all this will not end so easily.

What are your goals for the future?

I have always had goals and dreams, but I don’t like to talk about plans because I prefer action.

And what is love for Daduna?

Love for me is the blue bird that can fly from the ocean to you and for a second you felt that you are more than you think, better than others can see and imagine. I don’t know, you feel it, you suddenly realize that you are made for love and you are special. Sometimes this bird disappears. In such moments, you think you have become a simple person. Love is essential to getting to know yourself better.

And finally, let’s go back to the title of the book, why “The heat coming from chimney”?

Earlier, when I were alone, I imagined that I was wearing my favorite raincoat, carrying a backpack on my shoulder, and was crossing seas, oceans, mountains in the spring rain and find a hut in the middle of the woods on which the star-studded sky looks up, the heat rises from the chimney, which is like the breath of God, and in the hut there sits a man with the plaid on his shoulders, warming by a wood-burning stove and throwing away everything – his own thoughts, feelings, and heart.
I think a person always needs the warmth that warms the soul. I tried to share this warmth to the readers using my writings.

Interview prepared by: Veriko Kvernadze


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