How to make money from home during the Coronavirus pandemic

How to make money from home during the Coronavirus pandemic

Following the spread of coronavirus and the announcement of quarantine, more people than ever have been left without a job. At this time, no one really knows when we will return to normal life, which means that the number of unemployed people will increase more than decrease. But don’t despair yet, because there are ways to make money during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Look upon your budget

One of the easiest ways to make money is to find it in your budget, recommends Ameriprise Private Wealth Advisor Rebecca Hall. These days fewer people spend money on fun and eating out, thus saving money. But if you sit down and review your expenses, you’ll see where else you can save money.

Now may not be the time to give up stream services, but Holly advises us to reconsider other expenses, such as gym subscriptions and small luxury items. “Now is a great time to review your budget to see where you can save extra money,” said Rebecca Hall.

Consider temporary delivery services

If you don’t belong to a high-risk group of residents, some companies, including Amazon, hire additional staff to meet the growing demand. Holly points out that grocery stores and catering facilities on site, will be able to deliver more orders with your help.

First of all, take care of your health and safety, read the recommendations carefully of using protective equipment before you start your job. If you do not want to work in a company such as Amazon or Instacart, see if any of your neighbors want to refuse the services of a mediator and pay you a small amount if you will add your pack of food to theirs. Just be kind: ,,No time to use anyone now”.

Discuss the study

Anyone who has the education or the talent to organize and be patient can get an additional job in the field of education remotely. Many schools are closed, so helping with homework or distance learning will allow parents to relax. “Many families have been affected by the closure of schools because many parents continue to work full-time from home,” says Holly.

Become a podcaster or blogger

While podcasting and blogging are not reliable sources of money, they can help you create a platform that will generate revenue in the long run. To get started, all you need to do is select the desired online platform: Instagram, YouTube, your own website or podcast. Dowling explains that the sponsored posts and ephemeral links will bring in revenue as soon as the audience will be bought.

Teach online

Those who have special skills or talents can also consider taking online lessons. “If you have special skills that you can pass on to others, I can assure you that there is a market for that,” said Matt Dowling, chief executive and founder of club Freelancer.

Imagine how many people you can help to kill time if you offer them handmade or software lessons. Websites like Teachable, for example, can help you create your own online course in any field.

Help people stay in shape while being at home

So many people have turned away from their usual gyms and yoga studios, now is the right time for those who have a fitness certificate to discover opportunities online. Many Fitness professionals have started offering online lessons on video platforms such as ZOOM. So anyone who wants to start this, can watch them, so you have some idea before you start your own lessons.

If you love to workout and want to take a step in that direction, consider getting a training certificate. “Now is a good time to get a certificate,” Dowling said. “You can become a qualified personal trainer entirely online.”

Start your own resale business

If you find that you are starting to tidy up the closet to kill time, you will make money while you do this. Online auctions such as eBay, ThredUp and Poshmark will help you sell your goods. Maria Gonzalez is busy with commission shops Poshmark since 2015. Gonzalez advises us to post good quality photos so that customers can perceive the desired item, which will increase sales. It also tries to convey information about the product that the buyer wants to know.

Sales of Rosaline Figueroa on Poshmark helped generate extra money when she was a housewife and acquired online community. She adds that the already experienced sellers were happy to help her because she was a novice. She puts customers first when working. “It’s a service area – if you want to have a business, customers have to want to come back to you, so you have to make them feel special,” Rosalyn says.

Know the options for getting help

To help those in dire straits, the U.S. government has passed a law on economic security to alleviate some of the consequences. The CARES Act provides 100 percent federal funding for the states to provide unemployment benefits.
Make sure you meet the requirements for inclusion in the bidding program and contact the appropriate agency to receive your due compensation.

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