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Why Is The World Kind And Friendly To You?

If you see that everything is going to hinder your plans, the world is still kind and friendly because:
It shows what flaws and mistakes you have done in planning and you have the chance to eliminate them or plan again.
On the other hand, if the plan is ideal, it shows you to look at yourself. Are you in harmony with your plans? If not, what kind of opposites and what internal contradictions do you have that attract you to the obstacles that surround you.
If life suddenly challenges you, at a very unfavorable time, the world is kind and friendly because:
You have the chance to quickly find the greatest strength inside of you and with this discovery once again make sure that the great power, resources and energy you have is at your disposal.
If a force majeure situation causes you to become deranged, stressed, confused or desperate, the world is kind and friendly because:
With the help of this situation, you can work out the built-in method of combating difficulties once and for all.
Dare to think “beyond borders”, forget time-consuming knowledge, fear-laden experiences, and boldly, confidently follow new, creative ideas.
If you got tired of losing the battle, the world is kind and friendly to you because:
You have a chance to win the next battle which will become a symbol of your personal strength!
For fear — a symbol of victory with courage!
Weaknesses — a symbol of victory over strength!
Involuntary — a symbol of the willpower’s victory!
Hate — a symbol of victory over love!
For a mediocre, awkward life — a symbol of victory over motivation and love of shame!

If you haven’t found yourself in any field, business, and 100% realization, the world is kind and friendly because:
It will show you how unique, diverse, special talent God has judged you with, that you have to create your own new field, new direction, and your mission is to find new ways.
Let today’s unfulfilledness become the push which will help you to find unfounded ways, reach the unreachable, and with this new way of life, you will be an inspiring example to others and useful to many.

If you lose confidence, you fear, you have doubts… The world is kind and friendly because:
You have a change to learn how to give your heart without any warranties and trust Lord, the laws of the universe, and the boundless wisdom of the subconscious
You have the chance to realize that before you trust others, you must first learn to trust yourself.
Trust in our ability, our inner strength, our willpower, and only through these steps we will be able to trust the Lord, the universe, or the subconscious.
Relationships with others – begins with the relationship with yourself. Just like before trusting others, we need to trust ourselves.
As much we trust ourselves, as much we trust others. Do we doubt our abilities? – We doubt others too. Do we not trust our strengths? – We trust neither the powers of the subconscious, nor the rules of the universe, nor the power of the Lord. Because it is impossible to believe in the might of the Lord, the power of the universe, and the power of our subconscious, and at the same time doubt ourselves.
Trust, faith, love, and forgiveness must first exist in us, and then the world and humans will also follow us.

If you compare yourself to others, you are hurting yourself, you are unacceptable because of yourself, your life, your results and your past … The world is kind and friendly because:
Stress, pain, anxiety, depression, and sadness are an alarm clock that indicates you are not thinking correctly, living, and suffering with limited credentials.
The world is kind and friendly in every way, whether you see it or not. It is the mirror of your life.
The world is kind and friendly — while there is good and evil, there is love and hate, there is beauty and chastity, gratitude and ungratitude …. Lord, the world, life is kind and friendly because we have been given a freedom of choosing, and it is up to you which pole to choose.
Stay with us!
With the light;
With the love;
With friends and believe that this life and the world is kind and friendly to you. It loved you and is always your supporter.


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Written by მარიამ შარიქაძე

სამოტივაციო ბლოგერი და ელ-ჟურნალისტი. იხილეთ მეტი ჩემს შესახებ:

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