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What happens in the subconscious when we can’t fulfill our desires and dreams

We have all had and still have desires and dreams that we have not been able to fulfill in the past for one reason or another, and as if we have forgotten their existence over the years, they may have lost their relevance..
But it is important to know that there are a number of processes going on in our mental world at that moment.

Disappointed, unrecognized desires are not lost without a trace. They find the eternal abode in the depths of the subconscious, and from time to time depending on the power of suppressed desire) they make our lives difficult by the pangs of conscience and appear in distorted dreams.

We dream about how our dream has come true, how we have reached the altar, and with all clarity we feel gladness, happiness… and in our dreams the dreams come true until we actually acknowledge the existence of a specific desire and dream.

A desire that has been unacceptable to society and to our values ​​and has been banished from our consciousness, aggravates us. Until we acknowledge and work to neutralize them, the more time passes, the harder and more painful internal blocks will turn into us and will not allow us to move forward.

What you oppose – that becomes stronger, and the more the rejected desires manifest themselves in a more distorted way, and our body, sells us by attempting random words, by doing an unusual things in particular situation. Sigmund Freud said, our body is this embodied subconscious, and we cannot be freed from the captivity of unfulfilled desires, unfulfilled dreams, only by forgetting desire. Deep psychological therapy is needed here.

Be sure to contact your psychologist to find out what is hidden from your subconscious and before you have to remember that, until you fulfill a suppressed desire or dream or cancel it, they will take away your huge vital energy and won’t allow you to move forward, never succeed in life, happiness, lightness.


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Written by მარიამ შარიქაძე

სამოტივაციო ბლოგერი და ელ-ჟურნალისტი. იხილეთ მეტი ჩემს შესახებ:

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