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A Psychologist’s Wise View Of Life: “Once You Will Find Yourself All Alone…”

In every humans life there is coming a difficult moment, when he/she realizes that he/she is completely alone. Unfortunately, time to time people are leaving us. This happens for a variety of reasons – children grow up and leave home. Relatives relocate elsewhere, loved ones betray and choose other ones. But usually the result is one thing: we worry that we are left alone. In any case, it is not worth mourning, because the end of something is essentially the beginning of something new and more interesting.
If you are familiar with loneliness feeling, we offer a wise analysis of a well-known clinical psychologist, certified Gelstalt-therapist and journalist, Polina Gaverdovskaya. This woman’s life credo is Ralph Wald Emerson’s quote: “The ability to see the extraordinary things in ordinary things – is a sure sign of wisdom.” If his position is close to you, his thought may help you through difficult times:

1. Everyone can be changed, except close relatives
There is no one and nothing made in one copy. Bring new people into your life, even if you still see nothing having in common with them. Once in a while you will realize you’re left alone and that will save you.

2. Always taste new things
Food, clothes, routines, gadgets, activities, movies, books, theories and explanations of the world. The brain is lazy thing, the more time passes through, the more it wants to be in the same place. Do not allow it to stuck in the same place. Always try the novelty, especially when you are lazy, have fear or don’t want to.

3. Forgive everyone you can – and just forget about the others
Forgiveness – the best punishment and remedy. Do not argue, it is better go and make a manicure.

4. Do not hurry
Everything that happens quickly comes to life shortly. If you really want something – you will make it. If your desire passed away, then it was necessary to happen so. Do only what you have always wanted.

5. This paragraph fills the previous one: if you want something and you think it’s right – do it.
Desire is life. Give the desire to live in you and pay attention to it. If it’s not gone – follow it.

6. Don’t give up until you want something
Success – it’s an experience – in other words, the number of repetitions. Any failure is due to a lack of experience and only experience can compensate for it. Courage, patience, forgiveness, endurance and independence – all these are experiences. The important thing is not to give up as long as you want something.

7.There is no end – even the end is not the end, everything flows
Remember this when you are in despair, sadness, at the grave of a loved one, while reading the letter from a loved one who has left you. There will definitely come a day when you will say, “Everything is for the better!” Nothing has and ending: once you will realize that you are alone, and this will save you.

8. There is no end, but the end is near
It is useful to think that it will come tomorrow. Then these points will be easier to follow.

9. Do whatever you want, but take care of your body
Otherwise it will suddenly seek revenge on you. Make it a habit to always ask what it wants and fulfill that desire. If you have never listened to your body and you don’t know how it speaks, start with a simple – walk in the woods, swim or do yoga. The rest will happen by itself: the body waits for its voice to be heard.

10. Romance, love and passion – it’s wonderful
But if you combine them with sex, you may be left without it for a long time. This is nonsense and damaging. Make it so that sex can be in your life. Let coming romance and love see you in the bed with your new lover.

11. You have to worry less about what people think about you
People mostly think about themselves, about you too, but in their own measurement. Rather, they think neither of themselves nor of each other.

12. Fear of Confidence – This is the beginning of Marasmism
Doubt yourself, allow other options, leave behind paths for you and others also. I doubt all the points I have written, but I leave everything as it is. I know that I will be left alone one day and would like to try to see if this will help me.

13. Take care of your friends
Friends – are the only thing worth accumulating. Once I will realize that I am alone, my friends will immediately come and say to me, “Did you go crazy? You have us!”- And that’s true.
In life we only see things we put into it. In a situation where you seem to be alone, you should never shake hands. As they say, “Don’t be afraid when you’re alone, be afraid when you’re zero.” You have to be brave enough and also have friends.
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