Give yourself the right to live in reality

Give yourself the right to live in reality. Dream but live in reality.

What is reality? The reality is where you have to live and sometimes your rules don’t fully apply. On the one hand, you can’t control it. This is not your control zone.

Give yourself the right, to tell the truth, and not to give a pain.

Give yourself the right to move out expectations and look reality in the eye.

Give yourself the right to see what is happening and get rid the events of any evaluations.

Give yourself the right to stand firmly on the ground. And no matter how many times you deceive yourself, no matter how many times you fall into the mist of expectations, no matter how many times you make yourself believe that people are the kind of people your mind thinks they are… so many times you would stumble, get lost, fall and get hurt.

Is it true that reality is painful? ? ?

If I didn’t have the strict requirements about reality, if I didn’t have the desire to change it, if I didn’t have the stressful thoughts about it, if I don’t have the desire to control it. Is it true that reality is painful?

In the morning you look out the window and see the rain – it’s a reality and nothing painful.

But….. when your plans are based on the control of other people or the Lord, or the world, it means that your plan depends entirely on everything but you, which awakes fear, uncertainty and attachment. Consequently, stressful thoughts and feelings arise and you can no longer calm down.

Here’s what happens when we have expectations of something that is out of our control. We don’t know what will happen. I can only control my own actions in the given reality and not the reality. My actions are my responsibility and are under my control. The reality – no. Neither the other people. At the same time, you are angry about the reality, which on the other hand is a reflection of your inner state. Something happened that happened in you before. You are angry of your shadow, which follows you everywhere and don’t disappear until you find yourself in the light.

Light – is in the mind. Free from stressful thoughts. Feelings of support, expectations, demands, hopes when we have them on ourselves, we always have a strong position and no matter what the reality is, we will always find a way out. But if we are hoping for something else and for someone else’s actions and we throw responsibility on someone else – failure, frustration is inevitable. All roads are cut.

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