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Simple rules to help you find your way in life

  1. Do not spread rumors
  2. No one owes anything to anyone. Forget the word “should”, remove it from your dictionary. Otherwise you will definitely suffer not only material but also moral debt.
  3. Did you come up with the idea? Write it down
  4. Get rid of the habit of constant grumbling. No one cares about someone else’s problems
  5. Don’t make fun of other people’s dreams
  6. Don’t go back to the people who betrayed you. People don’t change.
  7. Spend more time with your parents – the time when they will no longer be there will come suddenly.
  8. Always tell the truth and you will have to remember nothing.
  9. Learn to admit mistakes
  10. If you are late, warn about it
  11. Don’t watch TV … never.
  12. Always fall asleep during an uncertain situation. Also, in any situation, remember that “this too will pass”
  13. Don’t even hurt person’s heart even during a serious fight …. Sooner or later you will die, but your words will be remembered for a long time
  14. Courtesy can conquer the city. Use it often.
  15. First of all, do the most difficult and uncomfortable things. When you will do them, you will no longer be bothered by unpleasant thoughts for the rest of the day.
  16. Pay all debts
  17. There is a phrase: “Despite everything, keep going”, try, it will help you.


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Written by B2PGE

ჩვენ მაქსიმალურად ვცდილობთ ხელი შევუწყოთ პოზიტიურ აზროვნებას, დავთესოთ ჩვენს საზოგადოებაში კეთილი მარცვლები, მეტი წარმატების ნაყოფის მოსატანად და ამაში ჩვენ მთელ სულს და გულს ვდებთ.

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