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Louise Hay’s 25 Best Quotes That Work Magically!

Louise Hay – a talented psychologist, one of the creators of positive thinking and action based self-help technology. Author of over 30 books about psychology. One of its bestsellers is “You Can Heal Your Life”, which has been translated into more than 30 languages ​​around the world and has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

The basic idea of ​​the book is that everyone is an owner of his life. Sounds very easy doesn’t it? Then why are there so many pessimistic and unhappy people around us who cannot cope with their problems? Maybe you need to look at life differently and find your place in it? From this article you can learn more about how to be happy and deal with problems and heartaches, and also about how to turn your life into a fairy tale with a good ending.

B2P.GE offers you 25 best quotes from talented psychologist Louise Hay which will help you to change your life for the better. Positive mood makes wonders!

1. It is not worth the multifaceted feeling of the past. It must be forgotten, but surely with love and gratitude.
2. A negative situation happened – keep calm, shake shoulders and switch to what’s more interesting.
3. Everything you re-broadcast to the world will undoubtedly come back to you.
4. You need to understand your own body. It always interacts with us, sending us different signals. Each cell responds to words and thoughts. If you get sick – look for the cause deep within yourself: old grief, fear, anger, dissatisfaction. By getting free of them, you will heal.
5. Try to put love in everything you do.
6. Forget about self-criticism. Try to accept yourself for who you are. You may not know it, but people who do not love themselves cannot attract positive changes and the cannot understand other people.
7. If you are scared of changes – imagine you are cleaning a house. First of all one, then the other corner, and so on – everything is clean.
8. Our world – is not an endless desert. Everything is enough here. The world is just waiting for you to find out its wealth. When you believe that everything here is enough for you – money, opportunity, happiness, love – you will get all this and much more that you have always dreamed of.
9. The stronger you love, the more you are surrounded by love.
10. People who made you upset or made you feel the pain are themselves suffering and getting lost in their own lives. Remember this and don’t be overly strict.

11. Our faith is still formed in childhood. Then we follow our lives and create a situation that fits our outlook.
12. Don’t wait until you’re perfect. Love yourself for who you are. Here and now. Don’t delay this.
13. Any of our relationships with the world expresses our attitude towards ourselves and its acceptance. If you do not love yourself and have a constant sense of guilt – then the world will not leave you without the feeling of anxiety and resentment.
14. Everything that needs to happen will definitely happen. But in right time. With the necessary people.
15. The past is gone forever. Get used to this fact. The only thing you can do – stop thinking about it. It is nonsense to criticize yourself for hurting someone or being hurt.
16. Comparing yourself to others is futile and worthless. It impedes development and happiness.
17. Love – is the only answer to any of our problems. It’s way always leads to forgiveness. Forgiveness frees us from the feeling of grief and guilt.
18. If you see the potential for change in the problem but the potential for growth in a crisis, then events will never strain you.
19. Your power is in your mind and hands. Its not worth looking for it outside. It’s better to find harmony with yourself.

20. You cannot change another person until you change yourself.
21. Except of loving yourself, also cultivate self-respect.
22. Be thankful for yourself just because you exist, this is enough to make world love you.
23. What does love of yourself mean? It is a goal setting and finding a favorite thing to do.
24. Don’t try to pinpoint the problem and the problem will correct itself.
25. Take in yourself things which you previously denied. Forget about shyness and get rid of complexes.
Our thoughts have the unique opportunity to shape our destiny. Add some points to your karma and share these positive sayings with your friends!


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Written by B2PGE

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