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Dare, think, dream and act on a large scale…!

When you step out of your comfort zone and act, you help yourself and others too. You open yourself the roads that lead to your dreams. You make yourself lucky, happy, fulfilled, self-confident, full, free, strong, you give yourself miracles and then the world will follow you like a mirror, because your life – is your current reality, reflection and continuation of your inner world. Yes, there are no mistakes here.

Two weeks ago, I announced that my goal was to work with 20 people by the end of February by using Byron Kate’s “Work” tool, and I’m very happy that this idea came true. Much of messages came out and from the very first minutes I felt that I was on the right way….. !!!
The desire to be useful to people reached not only different parts of Georgia, but also transcended borders, and many Georgian emigrants wrote, especially from the United States, Italy, and Greece. Our proud immigrants wrote that they wanted to work with me individually on Byron Kate’s “Work” tool. And the coolest thing is that these messages and feedback continue to this day.


That’s why I will definitely continue the work I started!!!

I open my heart, resources and skills wide as much as possible and say another great news in the world.

My goal is to be useful to another 100 complete strangers by the end of December 2019, and to work with them individually with Byron Kate’s “Work” tool at a symbolic price.
I know exactly, I believe, I feel and I see what an amazing way and processes await me and these 100 people together….

I have always dreamed of such an interesting, full of life and inspiring life, and yet this is just the beginning! And I love this beginning of the life of my dreams, with all my heart and soul.

As I thought, that’s exactly what happens. 2019 is a year of new opportunities, of achieving great goals, of being for the benefit of so many people, and it gives me even more strength, clarity, and inspiration to continue building my dream life with even greater faith and inner strength.

As before, I still believe that 100 people will definitely read this information, those 100 people for whom I will be useful with Byron Kate’s “work” tool and also soon with a new profession…… coaching, which I have always dreamed of studying and now I am in the process of studying the dream profession.

Working with 100 complete strangers individually until the end of 2019 – is a very, very inspiring goal, and I believe it will be just as helpful and inspiring for these 100 people to work with Byron Kate’s “work” tool as in the case of other people.

Finally, congratulations to all mothers on Mother’s Day. I wish you a harmonious, happy, joyful, loving life. I believe that motherhood is maybe not the only, but one of the greatest missions of a woman, and I wish all women and future mothers to fulfill this mission with dignity.

Share this article so that as many people as possible can see this opportunity in their lives and so that I can be useful to even more people.

With great love, Mary!


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Written by მარიამ შარიქაძე

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