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The most fashionable and influential woman in the Arab world

Sheikha Mozah: The Most Fashionable and Influential Woman in the Arab World – Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al-Misendi. Without the hijab and the chador


For the Arab world, her style is – bold. The former Emir of the state of Qatar allowed his second wife not only to remove the chador, but also to intervene in state affairs.
Sheikha Mosah bint Nasser Al-Misendi – is the second wife of third Emir of the state of Qatar – Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Tani, mother of seven children, one of the most tasteful ladies on the planet and, as strange as it may sound, a political and public figure.
Her life story is like an Oriental fairy tale, if anyone decides to make a TV series about Mosah, it is likely to come out like a “Glorious Century.”


At the age of 18, Mozah met with a “happy ticket” – she met a future prince, though she was in no hurry to marry him. She first went to Qatar University for a degree in Psychology, then went on to intern at prestigious American universities and then got married. She devoted the first years of her marriage to children. This is a woman called the “Gray Cardinal” of the Persian Gulf. The state of Qatar at that time was not as influential in the Arab world as it is today. The situation changed in 1995. At that time, Mozah’s husband took a bloodless coup in the country, ousted his father and seized power. The coup was backed by the Anglo-Saxon world, Qatar’s oil supplies began talking about them, and the new Emir introduced the world his second wife – a beautiful and educated Mosah.

Sheikha Mozah oversaw humanitarian and philanthropic programs and increasingly appeared in front of the public in beautiful garments designed by the world’s leading fashion houses.


She wears pants, pulled dresses. In her wardrobe there is a dress of Russian designer – Ulyana Sergeenko. (Center photo is – in Russian designer dress).
Along with the progressive attire of Mosah, women in her country still wear Arab-style garments – long black dresses, headscarves and hijabs – just like in the rest of the Arab world. Mosah wears only headgear, and in the free time even walks in leisure jeans.

Mosah has been criticized for Qatar’s aggressive policies – blaming the small Persian Gulf country for dampening gas prices and capturing the largest segment of the gas market worldwide. In addition, Qatar is funding radical groups around the world, which, of course, do not quite fit into the sophisticated image of Mosah.


Sheikha Mosah, a rarity in other Persian Gulf states, holds a number of state and international positions, including: She is the head of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Public Development, president of the Supreme Council on Family Affairs; she is Vice-President of the High Council on Education and UNESCO Special Representative. Mozah created the Arab Democratic Fund, in which the first donation was made by her husband, in amount of $ 10 million. The main objective of the Fund is – to promote the development of free media and civil society.


Lastly – about the project of Sheikha Mozah, called Educate A Child. The fund was created under the auspices of Mozah to fund and organize primary education for children living in poor countries as well as in war conflict zones (34 countries in total, including Chad, Bangladesh, Kenya).
Mozah says: “Seeing how these children live – is quite different than hearing or reading about them. (…) These children are forced to fight for basic human rights such as living and studying in normal conditions. I assumed that the schools would not have the necessary equipment and there would be no teachers. But the classrooms they have … it’s just not possible to call them like that! (…) No matter what we say or do, there will still be very little, but I want to establish at least one school that sets the standard. Kids deserve it! ”


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ჩვენ მაქსიმალურად ვცდილობთ ხელი შევუწყოთ პოზიტიურ აზროვნებას, დავთესოთ ჩვენს საზოგადოებაში კეთილი მარცვლები, მეტი წარმატების ნაყოფის მოსატანად და ამაში ჩვენ მთელ სულს და გულს ვდებთ.

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