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12 Most Beautiful Beaches To Go For A Vacation

Dear Travelers! Put on your swimwear and equipment. The B2P.GE editorial team knows how to spend your time and offers you the best beaches.

Whitehaven – Australia
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Whitehaven Beach – this is a beautiful 7 km beach on the Whitsunday Island. The beach received international recognition because of the white sand. Such coloration sand has because of (98%) of dioxides in it.

Pink Sands Beach – Bahamas
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Harbor Island is one of the awesome places in the Bahamas. Because of the smallest particles of formaminifera sinks, the sand is colorful and amazingly beautiful. These are single-celled organisms that live beneath stones and in deeply caves of the ocean’s coastline.

Playa-del-Amor- the hidden beach of Marietta Island, Mexico
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If not the noise of the waves, perhaps no one knew about this hidden beach. Playa del Amor is located in a few meters from the deserted island of Marietta. Only a few tourists go there because this is a real paradise for those who love loneliness.

Navagio – Greece
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Situated on the Greek island of Zakynth, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The ship “Panayiotis” once sink here, which belonged to the smugglers. The ship is still there.

Ipanema – Brazil
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There are 23 coastlines in Rio de Janeiro with a total length of 72 km. But Ipanema is the most sophisticated and elitist. Stuck with the luxurious district of the capital, this beachfront is a favorite vacation spot for the fashionable public. This part of the community comes together every day, playing handball and running. In a word, they come to see others.

Maho Beach – Caribbean Islands
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Welcome to Maho Beach – one of the strangest beaches in the world. It is located 300 km away from Puerto Rico, on Caribbean islands. Visitors here are attracted not only by the warm sand and blue sea, but also by the fact that in exactly 10-12 meters giant airliners are buzzing over the shoreline. Dangerous but amazing to see!

Glass beach – USA
Glass-Beach Glass-Beach-USA
Not far from the California town of Fort Breg, there is an interesting beach covered in colorful glass. In the early 20th century, there was a city dump here. In 1967, the government closed it down and for years the area was being cleaned. Now there is no trash, but the beach is covered with fine glass stones.

Hyams beach- Australia
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The beach of Hyams Beach, which is located 300 km from Sydney, boasts the most white sand in the world. It is so white that looks like a whipped cream.

Vadoo – Maldives
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There is one beach in the world that is especially beautiful at night. The coastline is illuminated by the light of the planktons released by the waves (a combination of plant and animal life in the sea, lake, river water) that glows at night. This illumination is explained by bioluminescence, which is the chemical process in these marine organisms, in the process of releasing the released energy into the light. The blinking blue waves seem to reflect stars from the Maldives Islands sky!

Ocean Dome – Japan
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If you have mostly been in previously mentioned beaches and want something special, then definitely visit the Ocean Dome. A white sandy beach, with artificial waves for surfing, water cascades, mountains and attractions, hydromassage pools and spa treatments, tropical plants, entertaining, exotic shows that give you the best mood every day. Here’s everything for a perfect vacation.


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