Goodbye Petrol: Toyota has launched a series of hydrogen-powered cars

Goodbye Petrol: Toyota has launched a series of hydrogen-powered cars

Japanese automobile giant Toyota has launched a series of the world’s first hydrogen-powered engine cars. The new “Mirai” sedan only works on hydrogen, replacing bad exhaust with clean water. Constructors say that just one refill of the car will be enough for travelling 650 km.

Toyota has begun selling its first hydrogen-powered sedan, the “Mirai”, in the country, in previous months. Since 2016 it has announced the sale of the car in the US.

The price of a new car in Japan is $ 60,000. However, the government has announced that all buyers of the sedan will receive a $ 17,000 subsidy.

As “Mirai” works on hydrogen, it needs special refueling stations. The process takes only a few minutes. However, according to the manufacturer’s data, as mentioned above, a full-filled car will travel 650 km, and the cost of water needed for 1 km will only be $ 0.01.

In the unique engine of the car, energy is generated by producing a hydrogenic acid reaction in an electrochemical generator. The electric motor is 136 horsepower.

Honda is planning to launch its hydrogen-powered car market in the near future. The company has been selling FCV models since 2016.

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