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Why Is The World Kind And Friendly To You?

If you see that everything is going to hinder your plans, the world is still kind and friendly because: It shows what flaws and mistakes you have done in planning


Louise Hay’s 25 Best Quotes That Work Magically!

Louise Hay – a talented psychologist, one of the creators of positive thinking and action based self-help technology. Author of over 30 books about psychology. One of its bestsellers is


A Psychologist’s Wise View Of Life: “Once You Will Find Yourself All Alone…”

In every humans life there is coming a difficult moment, when he/she realizes that he/she is completely alone. Unfortunately, time to time people are leaving us. This happens for a


15 advice from Gabriel Garcia Marquez for difficult times of life

When Marquez began to write the cult novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, he was forced to left his job, rent a car, and take on extra debts. In the